Monday is the new Sunday

So today is a holiday in many Canadian provinces and in Atlantic Canada we had a crazy storm on Sunday so I prepped some and shoveled some. I finished up my prep work today with the carrots and cucumbers. Last weekend I was away visiting family and friends so I was not home to prep. The not eating nightshades has been going pretty well. I ended up loving that squash and apple soup and enjoyed some leftovers of it I had frozen before I went away. This time I topped it with some herb goat cheese and it was delish!

So what did I prep this week:

-Cucumbers: some chop cucumbers for the week but I find cucumbers get a little funny if you cut them too far in advance so I prepped just enough for tomorrow and each night I will have to chop cucumbers for the next day.

Moving clockwise

-Carrots: Something I forgot to mention last time was I put my carrots in a little water to keep them nice in the fridge. Each day when I scoop some out for lunch I change the water. I find it keeps the carrots nice for the week.

Sweet potato hash: As I have given up nightshade veggies/fruit and I am transitioning off of wheat, I have been looking for some new recipes. This was easy to make but bland, so I added lots of pepper and some curry powder. The end result was it was yummy and I was happy to find a nightshade free curry powder recipe so that I could still add some curry to the dish.

Quinoa Breakfast bars: Made with a mix of coconut and rice flour these are still great but I found the gluten free flours made them a little flaky. I broke up half a bar last night on some coconut yogurt as a dessert.

Blueberry Green Tea: Made some ice tea to add to my smoothies in the morning. I also washed up the leftover spinach from making the Hamburger hash and soup to add to my smoothies.

Tuscan Bean Soup: This soup has lots of great things in it but it is a little plain jane for my taste buds. So thank goodness I am not cutting out dairy this week because a little parmesan cheese will help this one along. I think I will try and make this soup again but will add in some mushrooms, leeks, start the base of the soup off with a little bacon.

-Extra quinoa: when I make the bars, I need to make a pot of quinoa, there always seems to be a little leftover. I will eat it when I have the soup or when I have scrambled eggs for dinner with some spinach.

So that is what I am eating this week. The picture on the right is my carrots, cucumber and a breakfast bar ready to have a lid put on and get thrown into my bag in the morning for work. Hope you have lots of tasty things in your lunch this week.


Returning to Food Prep Sundays

Happy Sunday All!
So for well over a year I have been feeling horrible with a chronic throat, sinus and GERD problem. I have tried everything and while waiting to see a specialist, I became sick enough that going to the gym and my usual routine of trying to eat well and prepping food for the week on Sundays ceased to happen. So this is me, getting back in the game and improving my eating habits which had rapidly declined with my health. As GERD is part of the problem, I consulted medical professionals and have started an elimination diet. So for the next few months, my diet will not be the same as I remove items from my diet and reintroduce them. Anyways these conversation gave me the motivation to get back to my Sunday food prep and I thought I would share it with you. I started small this week and prepped the following:
-some plain quinoa to have with steamed veggies
-chopped carrots
-Squash and Apple soup:
*The soup was pretty good but would be even better with a little goat cheese sprinkled on it or a little herb boursin cheese.
-Quinoa breakfast bars:
*I use a little less honey then her or I like to use the cinnamon honey 
**I make smoothies in the morning so I like these in the afternoon with some tea to beat afternoon cravings
-hard boiled eggs. 
Looking forward to eating better this week.